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You must first complete the Colleges and Universities Attended section of the application before entering your course history.

Report your coursework completed at U.S. and English-speaking Canadian institutions EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR TRANSCRIPT.

Applicants are NOT required to report coursework taken at non-US institutions.

Refer to the back of your official transcript to determine the Term Type (semester, quarter, trimester, or unit). At times, a credit conversion may be necessary (e.g. 1.00 credit = 4 semester hours). Please be sure to make any credit conversions before you submit your application. DO NOT convert quarter to semester hours, the OptomCAS system will do that automatically.

Canadian Coursework:

For Canadian coursework please refer to the conversion table listed on the back of your official transcript. The OptomCAS conversion table provided in the application is specific to U.S. institutions.

Use a personal copy of your transcript(s) as a reference so you may properly list ALL coursework attempted and earned. List all courses from a single transcript before you begin to enter courses from the next transcript. Within each term, list the courses in the order in which they appear on your transcript. List each course only once from the transcript where the course was originally completed or attempted, regardless of whether the course credits transferred to another institution (even if the course also appears on that transcript).

OptomCAS will verify the course information you report in your application against your official transcripts. OptomCAS will not enter your courses for you. OptomCAS will consider your application incomplete and will contact you to make the necessary corrections. If you fail to properly enter all of your courses, your application will be delayed and may hinder the timely delivery of your application to your designated school(s).

Undergraduate work consists of any coursework taken towards a bachelor's degree.
OptomCAS defines graduate coursework as any post-undergraduate, non-vocational coursework. For example, this coursework could include courses taken towards a masters program, a PhD, medical or law degree.
Post-BS/BA Undergraduate:
Post-baccalaureate work consists of additional academic study undertaken after earning a bachelor's degree. Coursework taken toward certification in some specialty, or coursework that does not result in a certificate or a degree should be included in this category.
Study Abroad:

Study abroad is identified by OptomCAS as courses that are taken through a foreign institution while that student is enrolled at a U.S. Institution.

List all Study (Education) Abroad courses that appear on a U.S. or Canadian transcript in English with itemized grades and credit hours. For each Study Abroad course, select the name of the U.S. or English-speaking Canadian institution in which the Study Abroad credit and grades appear. If the U.S. or Canadian transcript does not itemize the grades and/or credits for study abroad, follow policies for international (foreign) coursework below.

International (Foreign) Institution:
Participating schools may have differing requirements for the evaluation of foreign coursework. Please refer to the school specific instructions in determining which documentation should be submitted. Please forward all Foreign Evaluations to OptomCAS.
Overseas U.S. Institution:
If you attended a OptomCAS-recognized overseas U.S. institution, list all courses attempted and credits earned in this section. OptomCAS will consider coursework from an overseas U.S. institution in the same manner as U.S. and Canadian coursework written in English. For a list of overseas U.S. institutions, review the transcript instructions within the FAQs.
Course Prefix/Department:
Please enter the alphabetical and/or prefix code associated with the course.
Course Level:
Please select the option which best classifies the level of the course: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Post Baccalaureate, or Graduate.
Course Subject:
Please select the option which best classifies the subject of the course: Biology/Life Science; Inorganic Chemistry; Organic Chemstry; Biochemistry; Physics; Math; Psychology; English; Other Sciences; or Other General. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for a list of course subjects.