Instructions > Disclosure

Authorization: I acknowledge that OptomCAS will release information (including admissions status) to pre-professional health advisors to assist those advisors in counseling future applicants.
Checking “Yes” will allow OptomCAS to release information to Pre-Health Professions Advisors regarding your progress in attaining admission and matriculating to an optometry program. Leaving the box unchecked will result in OptomCAS releasing undergraduate institution, degree, degree date, state of legal residency, and optometry program without your name. We encourage you to authorize this release, as it is useful to advisors and potential applicants; it will not affect the consideration given to your application
Institution Withdrawal:
Check yes or no if you have ever been disciplined, terminated, or required to withdraw from an institution. If “Yes,” please explain.
Check yes or no if you have ever been convicted in any state or country of a criminal offense, other than a minor traffic offense, where you have been found guilty. If “Yes,” please explain. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony prior to matriculation, it is your responsibility to IMMEDIATELY inform your designated program(s).
Disclosure of Information:
Disclosure is a continuing duty. Please check the box if you understand this statement.
Imposed Conditions by a Health Professional Licensing or Regulatory Board:
Check yes or no if any health professional licensing or regulatory board or authority has ever imposed conditions upon or otherwise restricted your ability to practice one of the health professions. If “Yes,” please explain.
ASCO Functional Standards for Didactic and Clinical Optometric Training:
Check yes if you have reviewed the ASCO Functional Standards for Didactic and Clinical Optometric Training.