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Letters of Recommendation are critical to the review of your application. To avoid processing delays, please review the directions below to be certain the information you submit is complete and accurate. Before you enter your LOR information in this section, it is suggested you contact the individuals to confirm they will author your LOR and to find out which format they would prefer (electronic or paper). If they choose to submit your letter of recommendation electronically, please confirm their preferred email address.

The LOR requires completion of two parts, a rating of attributes (Part I) and a letter (Part II). The narrative can be uploaded. Accepted formats for uploads are .pdf, .doc (Microsoft Word), .rtf (Rich Text Format) or .txt (ASCII Text File) files only. Uploaded letters must be less than 512kb in size. The narrative can also be typed directly into the space provided, cut and pasted from a word processor. Because some word processor characters will not correctly translate into text, Recommenders are strongly encouraged to compose their letter in a text-only word processor (e.g., Notepad, not Word), review the letter for errors, then cut and paste the final version into the text box. The limit for entered comments is 4500 characters or less.

Designate your Recommenders early in the application process. We strongly encourage you to enter your LOR information first to expedite their receipt of the Recommendation Request Form. Because OptomCAS recommendation requests may be caught by spam filters, applicants are encouraged to contact their Recommenders to ask them to allow their email systems to “permit” the OptomCAS reference mail address: optomcasinfo@optomcas.org.

Suggested sources strongly encouraged for LORs include:

Do not send LORs from coworkers, someone you have supervised, relatives, or personal and family friends. These are inappropriate and can be detrimental to the review of your application.

Check the status of your Recommenders responses through the Status Section on the main page of the application. Those who use the electronic LOR format will automatically receive a duplicate request one time per month until they either submit the requested recommendation or deny the request.

Finally, it is not necessary to wait until your Recommenders have responded to submit your application.