Grade Point Averages (GPAs)

Q: How are the OptomCAS GPAs calculated?

A: OptomCAS will calculate numerous GPAs. The GPAs and hours will be summarized by academic year within undergraduate (freshman through senior year), post baccalaureate, and graduate work as well as summarized by area of study. There will also be a running total GPA for each academic year that will add all coursework together for an overall total GPA. The GPAs that will be calculated are:

  • Overall
  • By Term
  • Freshman
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Post Baccalaureate
  • Graduate
  • GPAs by course subject

Area of Study:

  • Biology/Life Science
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Physics
  • BCP Totals
  • Other Sciences
  • Math
  • English
  • Psychology
  • Other General

Q: Why is my OptomCAS GPA different from what my transcripts provide for a GPA?

A: OptomCAS standardizes GPAs. If the institution you attended has a different grading scale than OptomCAS, your GPAs will be different. In addition, OptomCAS combines all coursework from undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and graduate years for the Overall GPA. This GPA will be different than the individual transcripts if you attended multiple institutions.

Q: How do I convert the numeric grades on my transcript to an OptomCAS letter grade?

A: Please use the OptomCAS conversion scale below.

Grade on Transcript(No alpha grade key on transcript) “OptomCAS Grade” and Value
100-90 A (4.0)
89-80 B (3.0)
79-70 C (2.0)
69-60 D (1.0)
>60 F (0.0

Grade Conversion Scale 2
Grade on Transcript (No alpha grade key on transcript) “OptomCAS Grade” and Value
4.00-3.80 A (4.0)
3.79-3.60 A- (3.7)
3.59-3.40 AB (3.5)
3.39-3.10 B+ (3.3)
3.09-2.80 B (3.0)
2.79-2.60 B- (2.7)
2.59-2.40 BC (2.5)
2.39-2.10 C+ (2.3)
2.09-1.80 C (2.0)
1.79-1.60 C- (1.7)
1.59-1.40 CD (1.5)
1.39-1.10 D+ (1.3)
1.09-0.80 D (1.0)
0.79-0.60 D- (0.7)
0.59-0.40 DF (0.5)
Less than or equal to 0.39 F (0.0)
Non-graded designations NONE

Q: How do I enter my coursework and grades if my transcript is a narrative (non-graded) transcript?

A: If narrative evaluations are used in your system in lieu of grades, list Pass if pass credit was awarded. Copies of narrative evaluations will be provided to your designated schools.

Q: When will my GPAs be available?

A: After all application materials are processed and transcripts have been verified (approximately four weeks), OptomCAS calculates the GPAs.

Q: Where will I be able to view my GPAs?

A: Once coursework is verified, please login to your account and visit your Program Status tab on the Manage My Programs page to download a PDF of your application and review your GPAs as your programs will see them.

Q: What types of courses are included in my GPAs?

A: All undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and graduate coursework is included in the GPAs. All courses in which a letter or numeric grade was received will be included.

Q: What types of courses ARE NOT included in my GPAs?

A: Foreign coursework will not be included in the GPAs. In addition, any course in which a grade of withdrawal, pass/no-pass, audit, incomplete, exempted or not yet enrolled is specifically indicated on your official transcript, will not be included in the GPAs.

Q: What is the grading scale that OptomCAS uses to calculate GPAs?

A: The OptomCAS grading system standardizes the way grades will be reported to your designated programs. The OptomCAS Grade is assigned a numeric value to calculate your grade point average.

The OptomCAS grading scale is as follows:

Grading Scale
A = 4.0,
A- = 3.7,
AB = 3.5,
B+ = 3.3,
B = 3.0,
B- = 2.7,
BC = 2.5,
C+ = 2.3,
C = 2.0,
C- = 1.7,
CD = 1.5,
D+ = 1.3,
D = 1.0,
D- = 0.7,
DF = 0.5,
F = 0

If your institution uses a numeric grading system, choose the appropriate letter grade from the list above that equals the numeric grade. If your institution uses a plus/minus system with different numeric values, the OptomCAS GPA will be different than your institution.

Q: What do I do if I disagree with the OptomCAS GPA calculations?

A: OptomCAS GPAs are likely to be different from those calculated by the colleges and universities you attended due to the grade standardization process. Your OptomCAS GPAs will be calculated within four weeks after OptomCAS receives your completed application, ALL transcripts, and the correct fee payment. Please contact OptomCAS by email if you have difficulty accessing your account.


Course Transcript Grade Transcript Credits Attempted Transcript OptomCAS (Converted) Grade Calculation Quality Points
MATH 1100 A 3 4.0 = 4 × 3 12
ENGL 1310 B 3 3.0 = 3 × 3 9
GEOL 1610 C 4 2.0 = 2 × 4 8
PHED 1000 D 3 1.0 = 1 × 3 3
PSCI 1040 F 3 0.0 = 0 × 3 0
TOTAL 16 32

GPA Calculation:
32 (Quality Points) by 16 (Credit Hours Attempted) = 2.00 (GPA)

Q: If I have taken a course more than once, does OptomCAS take the higher grade?

A: OptomCAS will take the most recent grade received in a repeated course whether it is higher or lower than the first time it was taken. If you have a repeated course at the same institution, enter the first grade in the College Courses Completed but leave the hours as zero. Enter the hours and grade for the course that was taken most recently to replace the repeated course. During the Transcript Review process, indicate that you have repeated a course, and mark the final attempts of any repeated courses as such.